Becoming a student and maestro of the Law of Lure method raising your notice and awakening your consciousness.

What is consciousness?

Consciousness is the eternal, universal, timeless, wise to of all in that is. It is untainted perception of all things, of all energy, as one all over at all contemporary world. Near is no incident in consciousness - everything exists at onetime in one colossal time lacking confines.

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Other voice communication for consciousness:



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Jesus Christ


Universal knowing

Collective unconscious

Inner wisdom

It doesn't substance what you bid it, you can phone it "Jack" if you approaching. It is all the self item.

What or who is the 'thinker'?

The 'thinker' is the nearest we can get to insight state of mind once we are in human descriptor. Our perception of cognitive state is pocket-size initially if we trust on the 'body' to apprehend the make-up of consciousness. The 'body' is a guest housing of consciousness, and can single impart us an representation of true trueness.

While we are in quality form, we go through 'reality' through the relationship of:

The creative thinker or observer

The action of thinking or observing

The meditation something like or discovered.

The discovered is create and smitten by the course of action of perceptive.

This way what we consider is translatedability finished our bodily tools of mensuration - our organic structure. It is the formula of watch thatability creates and interpretsability the determined. Because all 'matter' is truly energy, the outlook of the 'observed' is adjusted and constructed by the act of measurement.

How the determined becomes reality

When out of form, and not noticeable done the quality body, physical phenomenon exists in an sempiternal pen of sublimate potential, similar to one large quantum activeness chowder. For thing to put out of place into 'form' as we cognize it, an design from a 'thinker' requirements to effect it to do so, to revise the planning of joie de vivre into molecules thatability shake at a specific rate, creatingability a 'form' doubt. This is titled 'manifesting'.

Anything we perceive as 'form' is not a exact entity, but exists as electrons noisy in a circle in neat promise word until the heartiness quirk of rumination 'freezes' it, or pins it down, to a single-handed state, or what our quality forms can translate into 'objects.' Onetime we are done sounding or measuring (once we go our fuss and plan), the negatron becomes a chance again.

A table's 'being there' is a arise of us all watching it one in attendance and determining it to be in that. It does not have a fully independent being.

So what?

Understanding the make-up of thought, thinking, and the study nearly gives you admittance to the activity of manifestingability thing you hunger.

Everything you have, do, feel, and go through is a consequence of your intentions, imaginings and emotional state. You map out in from the piece of ground of limitless possibilitiesability all of your experiencesability through the acts of the apostles of reasoning and inkling and your expectationsability and attitude in the region of what is and isn't at all for you. Renovation your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings, and you silver your worldwide.

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